I’ll sum up this clinic with one word. Anti-inflammation.

At the core of all disease, injury and illness we find inflammation. Some of it is necessary for healing like a sprained ankle, but most of it, because of the sad state of American health, is chronic and harmful.

Inflamed cells, inflamed organs, inflamed tissues, inflamed muscles and ligaments. Most Americans live in a state of constant inflammation creation because of lifestyle and choice.

Diet, exercise (or lack of it), emotions, toxins and other life decisions build up in the body. The body then has a choice: Die, or figure out how to live. It always chooses “figure out how to live.” In doing so, it adapts and tolerates the lifestyle you enjoy. If you enjoy the processed, sugary standard American diet, then the body will figure out how to keep you alive. However, it will create inflammation and disease at the same time. If you choose not to exercise and therefore not utilize oxygen correctly, then the cells will learn to live without the amount of oxygen they were created to have, and you will be inflamed and produce disease.

At Milonas Chiropractic we recognize that inflammation must be addressed, both the good and the bad, and handled appropriately. Once we know the cause or causes, then we can help treat the problem. Perhaps it’s supplements that will immediately help alkalize the body and provide nutrients to calm the cellular fire of inflammation. Or maybe it’s addressing a sports injury or managing workout recovery, which would require whole body cryotherapy to clean the blood of inflammation. Alternatively, in the case of a severe disease like diabetes or cancer where the liver gets clogged and inflamed and can no longer function, we use a cleanse to calm the inflammation and allow the detoxification process of the liver to occur correctly.

Whatever the reason, we have the ability, like no other facility, to test and fix the multiple causes of inflammation.

The end result is amazing health!

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