Why Build It?

Because if we didn’t build it who would? For decades the health in the US has deteriorated at an exponential pace, all while visiting more doctors and taking more and more of the world’s share of medication. Obesity, an epidemic never before seen in the history of humankind, has become commonplace. It has lead to an explosion of cancer, heart disease and several more conditions that don’t limit themselves to age or race.

While everyone debates whether the cause is based in genetics, the food industry, and preservatives or if it’s because we sit too much that’s to blame, the one thing scientists know for certain is that the underlying commonality in ALL disease is inflammation.

Now, is our lifestyle to blame? YES. Do we have genetic susceptibility? YES. Are we ingesting more toxins than ever? YES. Is the food industry poisoning us with preservatives and is it true that poor agricultural practices are making us worse? We would argue, YES. But we have choices. We can combat all of the above by taking small, easy steps towards whole body health and awareness.

Milonas Chiropractic was built to handle the underlying inflammation of disease and educate our clients on how to make simple lifestyle changes to become healthier, to feel better and to discover a “new you.” Let’s get back to our original state of “healthy” before the burden of inflammation, toxins and poor lifestyle choices!

We’re thrilled to have developed several ways of taking these healthy steps here. You can get involved by discovering our organic supplements, learn about the benefits of essential oils or visit us in the facility where we test instead of guess. All of these avenues provide anti-inflammatory treatments and ways to reverse the damage of years of toxin intake. With Chiropractic care we can even look at what lifestyle has done to the spine and nerve system and address it with the most up-to-date, high-end treatments including whole body cryotherapy, infrared sauna and mild hyperbaric oxygen chambers.

At the heart of it all, we address nutritional and exercise habits. We can reverse the epidemic of inflammation with the proper and exciting personalized health coaching and treatments.

Welcome to the new Milonas Chiropractic!

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