Freezing your ass off may be the healthiest thing you can do.

In the 1980’s a Japanese MD developed Whole Body Cryotherapy to help his patients suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis. Little did he know what he discovered.

For centuries people have been aware that ice helps injuries. From cuts to bruises to broken bones etc., people have used ice to decrease inflammation. Even now, athletes will dunk themselves in ice baths to help recover from inflammatory exercises and activities. But not without a price. Cold water causes painful contraction of the muscles and takes the breath away. Ice packs on the skin can cause frostbite. And with all of that, icing takes time! 20 minutes or more and you have to repeat multiple times.

Cryotherapy is the safe solution to icing!

Using the same ideology as icing, our Whole Body Cryotherapy machine decreases inflammation and promotes collagen repair along with kick-starting metabolism all in a safe 3 minutes.

The idea is that to be in an environment as cold as -190 degrees F the body would have to go into protection mode, meaning it will bring all the blood back to the core organs for survival. While in the core organs that same blood is then cleaned of inflammation products, nutrients and oxygen are added, and healing begins. While the body warms this rejuvenated blood, it recirculates back throughout the body and creates vital healing factors.

The MD in Japan knew that this anti-inflammatory therapy was safe and would help his Rheumatoid Arthritis patients. Now we are excited to use it not only for RA but for all arthritis diseases as well as injuries! Repair and heal from falls, accidents to even use it for exercise recovery.  Pro athletes and teams across the NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL are using this instead of the traditional treatments before and after training and games. One of our favorite athletes using Whole Body Cryotherapy is LeBron James.

So, come freeze your ass off and create better health!

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