VIN Health Map

Our unique VIN Health Map was born in 2013 out of personal necessity, but it is the culmination of nearly three decades of working with patients/clients.

In 2013 we were faced with cancer in our family. Dr. Jessy’s father, Vin, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and the future was bleak. He managed to outlive the doctor’s prognosis, but in the end, we lost him to the disease. This taught us one of our greatest lessons as doctors, as parents, as humans: Our choices determine our future. If we choose to live healthy lives, follow nutrition guidelines and make the best decisions based on research, we can extend our lives, reduce pain and fight anything thrown at us in our “health map.”

After his diagnosis, Vin made some drastic but healthy lifestyle changes that astounded the people who gave him only a few months to live. He survived much longer than they diagnosed giving his family more time to celebrate him while he was alive. If he had started earlier with his health goals and lifestyle changes, would he have had even more time with his family? In his honor, we created the VIN Health Map. We want to help our clients know all they can about their “whole body” and ensure that their road is a long and healthy one.

Our VIN Health Map looks at every aspect of the client’s health and function and from those results the client has a unique path to health and healing. Make the most of this life, make the most of your health!

In a play on words, VIN also stands for ‘Vehicle Identification Number’. One VIN unique to each car. Just like your car, you are unique. You require personal and distinct healing paths. You require personal and unique decision making for your specific lifestyle, and it needs to be based on testing…not guessing.

Science no longer believes in genetics alone.

Only the pharmaceutical companies still prey on your health being “genetic.” Scientists have taught us much more. They have taught us to study healing through epigenetics. The study of changes “caused by modification of gene expression rather than alteration of the genetic code itself.” Meaning that your choices, your environment and even your mind have control over your genetic “expression.” For example, while you may have the “gene” for the same cancer as your mom, you have some control and the responsibility within lifestyle choices and nutritional choices whether it gets turned on or off. In fact, your genes can have hundreds of different outcomes all of which are based on your choices.

The need for personalized care has never been greater. Science is clear that in the macro, we are very alike. In fact, human beings only differ from a common field mouse by a few genetic markers. But in the micro, the smallest part of who we are, in the energetic fields of cells and the energy centers of our tissues, we are all very unique. We all respond differently to our environment and to choices within our environment.

Diet, exercise, mental thought processes, relationships, stresses, toxins and much more each create personally unique outcomes in our physiology and, therefore, our health.

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