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Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine is medical practices or treatments that focus on the optimal functioning of the body and its organs; usually involving systems of holistic or alternative medicine.

Functional medicine is one of the fastest growing fields of medicine.

Functional medicine practitioners know that most of our patients are by no means in a “normal” state of health, they are usually a long way from optimal levels. Our goal is to use integrative medicine to help you maintain those optimal levels of health, and prevent future visits to hospitals, emergency rooms and more. That’s why we’re developed the personalized VIN Health Map to help you follow the road to a happy, healthy life.

Functional medicine is one of the fastest growing fields of medicine. In it’s simplest form, functional medicine provides real time testing to evaluate the body’s organ systems and uses whole food supplements, herbs and a healthy eating plans to get the body’s innate healing mechanisms back on track. We also implement the use of the very best Essential Oils to help the body heal and maintain health, which makes the this experience one of a kind.

As an example, your gut health is different from your partners gut health, your neighbors, your parents, etc. The same goes for your immune system. You are unique and therefore require a personalized health plan! Are you eating for your health based on your body? Are you supplementing the wrong things trying to stop symptoms versus fixing causes? Are you taking quality supplements or is your body working overtime excreting unusable “junk” you purchased at the corner store? Testing let’s us know the answers to all of this.

The most exciting and reassuring fact about functional medicine is that no matter what you’re going through, aches, pains, immune deficiency, cancer, anything, you can always partake in the benefits it offers. While functional medicine is used for whole body holistic healing, it is even more powerful when used for regular health maintenance. Your health is yours, start now.

Our Motto

Our motto is, “We don’t guess, we test.” Most medical doctors are limited to a few blood, saliva and urine tests to help patients solve the puzzle of their health. We have learned through years of study, that this is far too narrow. The body requires dozens, if not hundreds, of tests to understand how it all works together. In the medical field the solution has always been medicine. More and more medicine. Unless the body is in extreme crisis, medicine only scratches the surface of healing. We believe food is our medicine. If we start from the inside out, our body is built to heal naturally. Nutrition paired with holistic methods can be very powerful.

Many times clients have non-symptomatic issues that are only detectable in the blood, saliva and urine done by a trained functional medicine doctor. With our VIN Health Map we are able to discover missing pieces of your health puzzle. In some cases these missing pieces are what has left people in pain for years. So, to get to know all the functions of your personal map, we don’t guess, we test!

Ultimate Medical Detective

Many patients fall through the cracks of the current medical paradigm because they are neither sick from a pathological perspective (no tissue changes, no findings on diagnostic testing, etc.), nor 100% well. These patients fall into a gray area of medicine, causing functional medicine practitioners to attack with a different approach.

Functional medicine is an incredible and exciting way to deal with these issues because it allows us to become the ultimate medical detective discovering and decoding all of your health needs.

How do we put your puzzle together?

Client’s Story and History

Client’s Medical Records

Client’s Body

Client’s Saliva

Client’s Blood

Client’s Urine

WholeRange of Advanced Functional Medicine tests

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