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Neuro Spinal Nerve Evaluation

The Neuro-Spinal Chiropractic Nerve Evaluation room is where Surface Electromyography and Thermography technology is used to pinpoint nerve impingement and health problems.

Neuro Spinal Nerve Evaluation | NuYu Experience
Neuro-Spinal Health Examination | NuYu Experience | Naperville, IL

Digital X-Ray Room

The Neuro-Spinal Chiropractic Health Examination and Digital X-ray room is where clients have their health questions answered. This is also where high level nerve and spine testing is performed.

Neuro Spinal Treatment Room

The Neuro-Spinal Chiropractic Treatment Room is where the doctors will gently work with the spine to free the nerves through chiropractic care and treatment. This allows full messages to flow from the brain to the body’s cells allowing for healing and adaptation!

Nu•Yu Experience | Neuro-Spinal Health Facilities

Neuro Spinal Warm Up Cool Down

The Neuro-Spinal Chiropractic warm up and cool down area includes Whole Body Vibration Plates designed to heal damaged ligaments, bones and muscles as well as perform a fantastic lymphatic cleanse at the same time giving the body a natural immune boost!


Infrared Sauna Room

At very specific and high temperatures your body’s weak and damaged cells cannot survive so it is forced to “detox.” Cellular detoxing has been proven to aid in the healing of inflammatory diseases, pain relief, immune stimulation, metabolic boost and much more.

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