While the heart of this clinic was born out of an obsession to reverse chronic disease caused by inflammation, we actually stumbled upon an awesome protocol for athletes.

In fact, our own Jessica Schwartz is competing in the Central Regionals for Crossfit next weekend! Crossfit has been shown to create the most well rounded and fittest athletes in the world. At only 20 years old Jessica will be in the top several hundred women in the world out of hundreds of thousands. It’s an incredible feat! If compared to other sports, this places her on the same level as professionals in the MLB, NBA, NHL, and NFL.

Jessica has the drive to be the best, and like all athletes that passion includes an intense physical regime. This rigorous schedule creates inflammation in the form of lactic acid and inflammation from injury and recovery.

How does she maintain this high-level of performance?

We started with Jessica about 18 months ago using Neuro-Spinal Chiropractic to create amazing function throughout her nervous system. This allows all body actions to fire and perform at top levels. When the best of the best athletes compete, who do you think wins? That’s right! Athletes with the best neuro-spinal performance. But, we didn’t stop there. Jessica recognized the need for the  anti-inflammatory therapies such as Whole Body Cryotherapy to help her avoid chronic inflammation and repair muscles faster. We also used Infrared Sauna technology to influence her immune systems ability to clean and repair damaged and diseased cells. Finally, each cell carries oxygen, and if you’ve ever seen high-level athletes go all out, especially in Crossfit, you know the demand for oxygen is intense. We use Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy to increase the amount of oxygen that each cell carries to the body for repair and recovery! This repair was also super instrumental due to a back injury she sustained before last year’s Regional competition.

Our athletes have another secret in their back pocket. Dr. Jessy created a specialized blend of essential oils to decrease inflammation and aid in recovery. Jessica was one of our first athletes to use Recover Oil, and now she swears by it! I bet if you ask her she carries it with her all hours of the day.

So you see, whether it’s the average user, a cancer patient or a competitive athlete, we keep coming back to cleaning and clearing and allowing inflammation to do just its job and nothing more. That’s how we help create healthy bodies and great champions!

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