If you find yourself in a need of a natural boost, Lemon Oil is the perfect solution!

Lemon oil may be one of the most powerful antimicrobial agents out there. I highly recommend you try it with our Nu Super Juice! Stir a few drops in with our juice (or blend both into a smoothie) first thing in the morning to help cleanse your organs and get you off to a healthy start. Or pair it with our Nu Cleanse protein to aid in detoxifying your body. It aids in digestion, lymphatic drainage and respiratory function. It helps to increase your focus and improve your mood. It also helps ward off free radicals as it’s an antioxidant.

There are so many exciting ways to use Lemon oil. It is a powerful detoxifier and cleanser of the body and the home. Make a powerful all-purpose cleaner with just four simple ingredients – vinegar, water, lemon oil and tea tree oil. Increase your ability to clean up quick!

*Warning- do not go out in the sun up to 12 hours post using citrus oils, you’re more susceptible to UV rays.

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