Freezing your ass off may be the healthiest thing you can do. In the 1980’s a Japanese MD developed Whole Body Cryotherapy to help his patients suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis. Little did he know what he discovered. For centuries people have been aware that ice helps injuries. From cuts to bruises to broken bones etc., people have

I’ll sum up this clinic with one word. Anti-inflammation. At the core of all disease, injury and illness we find inflammation. Some of it is necessary for healing like a sprained ankle, but most of it, because of the sad state of American health, is chronic and harmful. Inflamed cells, inflamed organs, inflamed tissues, inflamed muscles and

While the heart of this clinic was born out of an obsession to reverse chronic disease caused by inflammation, we actually stumbled upon an awesome protocol for athletes. In fact, our own Jessica Schwartz is competing in the Central Regionals for Crossfit next weekend! Crossfit has been shown to create the most well rounded and fittest

Why Build It? Because if we didn’t build it who would? For decades the health in the US has deteriorated at an exponential pace, all while visiting more doctors and taking more and more of the world’s share of medication. Obesity, an epidemic never before seen in the history of humankind, has become commonplace. It has

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