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About Us

Our Mission

Milonas Chiropractic is a healthcare experience designed to provide top level nutritional supplements, healing treatments and lifestyle education to improve lives from the inside out. Our ultimate goal it to change the state of self care with personalized plans and treatments for whole body healing and to restore our sense of proactive, natural health and well-being.

Our Vision

To provide whole health and restore hope in healing processes by providing personalized, powerful treatments and lifestyle education.

Dr. Matthew Milonas

Practicing Chiropractor Since 2001
Graduate of National College of Chiropractic


Dr. Matt was in and out of hospitals as a child with several illnesses, ailments and injuries. It seemed to him, even then, that there was a healthier way of life.

During all those visits he learned to love the field of healing and helping people and knew he had found his passion. But it wasn’t until a debilitating knee injury when he was 20 years old that he discovered what area he would study. After two years of physical therapy and high doses of drugs the knee injury only worsened. Facing severe pain and depression he lost hope. The medical field was unable to help him.

Out of ideas, his father suggested he visit a chiropractor. This suggestion changed Dr. Matt’s life. Soon his knee was healed, and he was back to a fully functioning young adult and studying to be a chiropractor.

His desire and passion for helping people lead healthy, active lives gained a new and refreshing direction.

After years of caring for clients in the chiropractic field and studying health, nutrition and functional medicine as a way of life, Dr. Matt and his wife, Dr. Jessy, saw a need for something more in their practice. They wanted to help thier clients heal at an even deeper level. A health map that would address the cause of their conditions no matter what their diagnosis. He knew this is what would have helped him as a young kid in and out of hospitals and he knew he could help generations of kids, adults and seniors to come.

Dr. Jessica Thompson

Practicing Chiropractor Since 2002, ICPA Certified
Graduate of Palmer Chiropractic College


Dr. Jessy started a holistic approach to health care at a very young age. Unlike many high school athletes, she didn’t treat her athletic pain with traditional pain management. Instead she maximized her health and athletic ability through natural means. Nutrition, holistic treatments and chiropractic care were her go-to avenues of healing.

Her personal experience and incredible results throughout high school and college shaped her course in life. Health and healing became her passion, and she chose chiropractic as her career.

Dr. Jessy attended Palmer Chiropractic College commonly known as The Fountainhead as it is the world’s first and largest chiropractic college. Since its beginning, Palmer Chiropractic has remained at the forefront of chiropractic development and has trained some of the most notable doctors in the field.

Always an educational force at Palmer, natural medicine became more and more prevalent in Dr. Jessy’s life. She discovered essential oils while treating her own aches and pains as an avid Crossfit athlete and soon realized the astounding benefits for her clients and friends. Soothing her (and Dr. Matt’s) high energy kids’ ever-present scrapes and bruises became easier and easier with oils. Her love and passion for essential oils were solidified when she discovered the multiple benefits of peppermint oil in the home. After years of research and studying of the vast healing powers of essential oils, she developed her own all-natural, organic line.

Through my regular visits to Milonas Chiropractic, I have seen positive impacts on the health of my spine. However, Milonas Chiropratic is not only devoted to the promotion of a healthy spine, but the promotion of a healthy body as well. They are active in patient education with regards to the spine, diet and exercise. I highly recommend Milonas Chiropractic for anyone looking to both maintain and sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Kali Deans

I had back problems since I was twelve years old. I was treated by all kinds of Health Professionals with minimal success until I was referred to Dr. Matt by my Golf Pro in the Fall of 2011. My back problem was analyzed carefully, explained and treated immediately. A program of care was presented to me which made real sense. I followed the program religiously and have had fantastic results. In addition to almost 100% back problems solved, my overall health and mental attitude improved as well. I will continue seeing Dr. Matt so I will stay healthy. I’m 87 years old and getting younger each visit with Dr. Matt.

James Griseto

Ever since I have been regularly coming to Milonas Family Chiroproactic, my acid reflux, anxiety and panic attacks have completely diminished.

Brenda Regan

Dr. Matt has been a tremendous help over the years! I didn’t realize how uncomfortable I was in my own body until getting regular adjustments. I aslo really appreciate the guidance on health and exercise offered at the office. Dr. Matt has been very helpful in connecting people with the resources they need to improve their health and well-being. When I started, I had a whole host of health issues such as migraines, asthma, eczema and gag reflex to name a few. With regular adjustments and a review of food and exercise practices I’m down to just working on the gag reflex, which is improving regularly.

Ann Cassidy

Really pleased with the service! Dr. Matt cares about his patients and goes beyond simply Chiropractic Care. I came to him looking for ways to feel better. He taught me that it isn’t good enough to feel better but you need to be better. I have lost weight and I owe it to him for helping me with a plan that works for me when other have always failed. My family has been with Milonas for 18 months and we plan to stay with him indefinitely.

James Deans
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